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Compress, decompress, encrypt and password protect your files
Shadow-Box — Last year
Good compressing zip program.
Guest #37702406 — 2 years ago
7-zip is the best compression tool. I like it.
Monnie — 2 years ago
This is a great and very easy to use. 8)
fireballa20 — 3 years ago
Great and most importantly free archivator. I'm using it now constantly instead of old WinRar.
merciful — 3 years ago
I love it! The best of opens-source archivers!
webcs — 3 years ago
An interesting shell. Do not save the password.
Anton Mihaylov — 3 years ago
I began to use it after all known archiver WinRAR paid. Again, due to the closure of the same license, 7-Zip fully satisfies my needs that are not great. This unpacking archives 7z naturally as RAR, spare parts and alike. A breakthrough I have not seen.
Jagannath Rout — 4 years ago
It's a good program.
Guest #23419963 — 5 years ago
It is easy and better than any other extracted software than i have used.
Pulkit Singhal — 5 years ago
free and superfast
huzef khan — 5 years ago
much better then any compression tools
Ser — 5 years ago
Best free arhiver
Aydin Sharifi — 4 years ago
A perfect application.
Hareesh — 6 years ago
very good compression level
Guest — 6 years ago
very good
Abruecalypse — 6 years ago
Tony — 6 years ago
very small yet powerful
Shohom — 6 years ago
very good software.
Master Of Puppets — 6 years ago
Dethspark — 6 years ago
Very good
Keshavram — 6 years ago
I like it!
Guest — 6 years ago
the best of the unzip soft
Guest — 6 years ago
Guest — 6 years ago
Haritsa — 6 years ago
I have found it to be par excellent!
Guest — 6 years ago
Free, effective, enough set of function
KiS2 — 6 years ago
great program
BullBash — 6 years ago
The best archiver
Ron — 7 years ago
Just as good as WinZip
Guest — 6 years ago
good program..
Reinhard — 6 years ago
Great free archive tool
Mandor — 7 years ago
Very good and extensive tool for decompression archives. Manages majority most widely used standard archives.
Keita — 7 years ago
best archiver!
EduardoPtt — 7 years ago
The best of this program, It's free!
LepusYu — 7 years ago
High crc/decrc file using
Guest — 7 years ago
It's the best unzipper i've ever seen! it's lightweight free and quick
Guest — 7 years ago
small, simple, powerful
Guest — 7 years ago
Very good
Teressa Newman Gunter — 7 years ago
best free unpacker I have found yet.
Guest — 7 years ago
Nice program!
Jeff Matthew — 7 years ago
this good
SmaZz — 7 years ago
Free and Simple
Guest — 7 years ago
tekapa23 — 7 years ago
Fast, small, easy to handle !
BlThunder — 7 years ago
Great OSS compresssion tool that runs very well on differnet OSs like Windows Linux FreeBSD
Guest — 7 years ago
Very easy to use works with nearly all file types
Guest — 7 years ago
Best zip extractor
WillyC — 7 years ago
Definite improvement over WinZip and free
natejake — 7 years ago
faster and more versatile than winzip.
Guest — 7 years ago
Good program
Guest — 7 years ago
this program is ok
Sundaram — 7 years ago
Very nice compression utility.
Karol — 7 years ago
Best free compress program
Guest — 7 years ago
free - better than windows internal - easy to use
Jakub — 7 years ago
Very fast and good program
WAL — 7 years ago
Good functionality, works perfectly (for me, at least :-))
Guest — 7 years ago
Free, Open Source, High compression rate, & also opens all sorts of archives
waseem — 7 years ago
Guest — 7 years ago
It works great ,is simple to use and free
Christopher Cunningham — 7 years ago
The best encryption
Guest — 7 years ago
It's lightweight, and really does a great job!
Unit 193 — 7 years ago
Best Compression
Guest — 7 years ago
Best of the Best! Does everything, all formats.
Guest — 7 years ago
Guest — 7 years ago
Michael — 7 years ago
Brotman — 7 years ago
Fast, solid, convenient, good context menu
Willem — 7 years ago
Best compression availible
Guest — 7 years ago
Joel — 7 years ago
free, excellent compression
shady — 8 years ago
Queence Taylr — 8 years ago
powerful zip-ware, but didn't find the way to adjust the compression percentage...
Tony Myers — 8 years ago
Program is free, simple to use and I like it much better than WinZip.
Chuck — 8 years ago
Fast And Powerful!
Guest — 8 years ago
great freeware file extractor
Lady — 8 years ago
BlackNinjaVirus — 8 years ago
nothing is better
Guest — 8 years ago
the best archiver around and I have used the lot
Guest — 8 years ago
Good program.
Guest — 8 years ago
clean, simple, fast
Alied Pérez Martínez — 8 years ago
Simple to use, stable, good performance, 0.001 eye candy, broad format support, and Open Source
John Levenhagen — 8 years ago
grate compression program
cuggie — 8 years ago
It is simple and works great. Does the job.
Guest — 8 years ago
Casperize — 8 years ago
Promising, but far from perfect
Guest — 8 years ago
Free and I have never had any problems with it, works great
Guest — 8 years ago
open source
Guest — 8 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
This is the best archive program I've ever seen -- and it's free for any use.
Imad Fawzi — 8 years ago
Very useful and easy program
Guest — 8 years ago
covers all compressions and is very fast with very less foot print
Tuberk KutLu — 8 years ago
5 Star to this program (:
fuggy — 8 years ago
Ошибок не замечено, не удаляет из архивов
titas — 8 years ago
good one
Jorge Guzman — 8 years ago
open source, free, fast
ArxARV — 7 years ago
Compresses better, but the speed has increased (almost like RAR)
Guest — 8 years ago
fitra147 — 8 years ago
easy for use
kanvi — 8 years ago
Nomad Soul — 8 years ago
Great size reducing ability.
Adi Putera — 8 years ago
Strizh — 8 years ago
Easy and small
Guest — 8 years ago
It's free
Alex Nikas — 8 years ago
it works perfect!!!
Dário Garcia — 8 years ago
Free program, easy to use and support the large formats
Guest — 8 years ago
It's great
Guest — 8 years ago
it's gd coz it's open source and FREE!
Morgan Dalton — 8 years ago
does everything you need it to do.
Bruce Denney — 8 years ago
Does exactly what this sort of program should, clean, free and with impressive compression.
Guest — 8 years ago
Fast,Free and efficient
PatheticCockroach — 8 years ago
open source, great compression
voidfire — 8 years ago
Can do everything! I love .7z extension! And it's FREE!!!
ajax777 — 8 years ago
Free compressor
Guest — 8 years ago
Is just the best
dandu — 8 years ago
Best archiver
Guest — 8 years ago
Unzips many different formats, and the 7z format is excellent.
Guest — 8 years ago
Very easy operation and perfect workmanship
Javier — 8 years ago
I like Open Source programs and this compressor/decompressor, with his Norton Commander-like interface is just perfect.
Roar — 8 years ago
no ads, but can not handle some file.zip.001 files
Tanchik — 8 years ago
Hector Velarde — 8 years ago
great compression software with many options
Guest — 9 years ago
free and works perfect
Guest — 9 years ago
7-zip unzippes all files...
eagavrilov — 9 years ago
best prog
Guest — 9 years ago
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